Renting your Investment Apartment is Easy!

A newbee investor may see a rental property as a simple equation: rental income minus  (mortgage+expenses) equals profit. This is the basic mantra for any property investor, but you need to remember to include your landlord energy and duties into calculation. As an investor you can choose to hire a property management company to handle these duties or self-manage their rental properties.

Owning a rental property involves managing routine and emergency maintenance. Renters are notorious for harder wear and tear on a house than owners, so rental homes require more energy from the owner or manager to upkeep.

You need to schedule seasonal maintenance to keep appliances functioning, gutters from overflowing and to check in with your tenants. And you need to respond to emergency maintenance from your tenants. Good maintenance management will significantly improve your return on investment.

Do you want to free yourself from a daily rental headache? Do you live far from your  rentals? Or maybe you have large number of rental properties?

If you have answered “yes” to any of those questions, then outsourcing your rental with us would be a good solution.


If a rental property is not managed correctly, it will fall into shambles. Luckily, there are several different ways to manage property to fit every landlords’ needs. You can be completely hands on, or you can decide to outsource everything. Here are three management strategies for every potential landlord to consider that will keep your property up, running and generating revenue.

All you need to do is entrust us with this task. Thanks to the rental management service we will ensure that the investment in renting real estate brings the expected profits and saves you time associated with organization and supervision. We have several years of experience in managing the rental of flats and apartments in Warsaw. We offer our services to Polish and foreign property owners.

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If you decide to hire us as your property management company, we can handle everything including tenant screening, tenant move-in, rent collection, maintenance and repairs, tenant move-out and tenant eviction.

This means you will not have to answer the phone calls in the middle of the night that somebody next door is behaving too loudly. You will be responsible for minimum, but the decisions you are responsible for will typically be the most important decisions.

Auditing the Property for Lease

  • Appraisal of the property in terms of location, visual and technical state.
  • Identification of the economic potential of tenant group.
  • Defining primary and secondary potential tenant groups.
  • Verification of the documents provided by the owner necessary to conclude a property rental contract and property management outsourcing contract.
  • Preparation of briefing aimed at achieving highest possible rental price with suitable potential tenant groups and securing the quick  rental.


Preparation for Lease

  • Improving the property based on agreed briefing from the audit: required technical renovations and beautifying the property using home staging techniques.
  • Professional photo shooting session.
  • Inventory of the final property – preparation of the premises card with its contents and technical condition.
  • Determining the tenant’s profile and the expected rental price.

3-room, 2 levels, Warsaw, Mokotow, Poland

Searching for a Tenant

  • Preparing marketing strategy for promotion and presentation of the property to potential clients.
  • Professional presentation of the property.
  • Initial verification of the potential tenants.
  • Verification of the documents provided by the potential tenant necessary to conclude a property rental contract.
  • Preparation of a lease agreement securing the property owner’s interest.
  • Preparation of the handing over protocol of the property.
  • Signing the agreement and protocol on owner’s behalf and handing over the property.


  • Monthly rent collection. It should be easy enough, but what if the bank transfer doesn’t show up? We keep calling your tenant until the rent is paid. We are very strict about timely rent collection.
  • Acting on behalf of the Owner based on formal proxy at the insurance office, municipal office, media suppliers and administration office of the property.
  • Preparation of inspection reports of the property once half a year.
  • Making sure the renters follow the lease terms. In case a tenant is breaking the terms of lease, we send Cure or Quit Notice, which gives a renter to option to fix a lease violation or you will move forward with an eviction.
  • Assistance with required taxes regarding rental income.
  • Verification of possible property damages and coordination of repairs.
  • Staying in touch with the tenants in order to maintain the possible continuity of the rental period.
  • When the property vacancy is looming, getting the next tenant lined up quickly. Finding next tenant involves more than just putting an ad up on Craigslist. There is a need for collecting rental applications, property visits with potential new tenants, complete tenant screenings and approval of your new future tenants.
  • At the end of the rental agreement preparing handing over protocol, settlement of the deposit, media advances, coordination and supervision of required repairs and cleaning.

Home Staging and Interior Design

Home staging means beautifying the property for the purpose of effective renting or selling the property.

This service is part our offer and it’s directed to people who want to rent or sell their  property. The main reason why you want these services for your property is the possibility to increase the perceived value and as a result obtain higher selling or rental price.

Sometimes we can completely change the character of the interior at limited budget e.g. change of the pillow colors, wallpapers, change of wall colors often disregarded, are very important.

Home Staging means also to improve the aesthetics and functionality of interiors.

We also invite you to ask about our interior design and architect’s services.

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